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I think I'm stuck at the dark charcoal grey slightly static-y opening screen? I hit run game and it stops there...

I'm using Chrome.

What an awesome idea!  Any plans to go back and develop more of the bug reporting side that you talked about in the post mortem?  (BTW there's a hole in the collision - if you walk to the top right (without rotating the camera) of the first level you can get through).

Thank you for the bug report!

We are following a 2 month workflow: 1 month doing something new, 1 month updating previous projects. In May we will go back to this game and try to make a full version of the story.

This was a unique experience. The horror game wasn't that bad either! I did a little writeup for your indie game on our site to tell our fans =].

This is awesome! thank you for the support :D