Submission for the LudumDare44, for the theme "your Life is Currency".

THEME: you are a bleedy demon, you can kill and sacrifice others to extend your lifespan, but at the same time, you can pay with your own life to gain checkpoints and exchange weapons.

CONTROLS: WASD/Arrows + spacebar/left-button. 
- left/right: horizontal move
- up: jump
- down: interact
- spacebar/leftbutton: attack.

- 02/05/2019:
Day two patch: Fixed the jump (was laggy)/projectile mechanic (was not interacting properly with the environment), fixed an ill-designed section of the map that caused instant death without prevention. Added more visual information for important places (altars and doors).
- 30/04/2019: Game sumbitted


Download 5 MB

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