You wake up in the middle of the night (every night), starving. You take your keys, and you go for a drive, to satisfy your munchies. Vampire munchies are the worst. The bad news is that the people you feed on, they become ghouls (yuk!) and are just volent empty sacks of blood… just punch those (or drive them over).


  • WASD / Arrow keys to control
  • Space key / Z: main action (enter/exit car, eat people)
  • Left/Right control / X: secondary action (car break, vampire punch)

- Camilo ABELAYRAS: Art
Thibault LAINE: Map, Cars (behaviour and AI)
- Sol ROO: Characters (behaviour and AI)
- Marco BENZI TOBAR: Audio (music, FX, integration)

04/05/2020: Car controls moved to tank, drifting, death by sunlight.
22/04/2020: Added Android alpha version (experimental).
21/04/2020: bugfix (inverted W/S controls when moving from AZERTY to QWERTY).
20/04/2020: submission to LD46


Blood Runs 0.2.dmg 27 MB
BloodRuns.apk 22 MB

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