Cattuccino Express

"Tired of your office vending machine to prepare only a single coffee at the time? Well, suffer no more! With the new Cattuccino Express machine, you can parallelize the process of coffee making and speed your efficiency at coffee breaking ten-fold!

This vending machine is powered by our genetically engineered cat, which can handle up to 6 ingredients in parallel!"


You can play with your mouse and/or keyboard.

* Mouse: just click on the buttons, also you should be able to tap the cats face.
* Keyboard: numbers from 1 to 6 control the ingredients, enter discard messages.
NOTE: if you have an AZERTY keyboard, you will need to activate capslock (Verr. Maj.), or play with shift (not recommended)
* Touch: (experimental) you should also be able to tap on the buttons, if you are playing with a mobile device (or you have one of those fancy laptops with touch screens).

Full screen recommended.


Art: Leo

Design, music, balance: @PACinquin

Design, Implementation: @solroo

Water shader: based on  Châu Giang's work


Download 14 MB


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30 seconds... "This looks nice, hope it's easy." 1 minute... "My brain hurts!"

yeah, the progression is not very well tuned, sorry about that.

como la vida misma

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falta toda lo construccion de tutorial y progression alrededor, esperemos que sea menos representativo de "camino a la adultez"