narrative-ish Idle clicker. Done in 2 days for the mini game jam 61 : Egypt with 2 Conflicting ideas.

follow the story of a group of nomads that settle next to an ancient pyramid.

Mouse only, click on the buttons at the bottom of the screen to take decisions. You can change the speed with the top-right controls.

About the limitation: 
[spoliers] the game is about the rain in the desert, the past as the future.

Music blocks from Deep Into Perspectives:

24/08: Day one patch, fix broken end when the game was lost early


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Nice atmosphere! Could you add a pause button?


Very aesthetic


Neat idea. A little hard to understand what does what at first. Might have broke it? Game has stopped at 5089.

the game was breaking at that day, as I speeded up the floods for balance. should be fixed (but most likely you reached the end).