A small toy project i wanted to do for a while.

Build: You can build the terrain with the blocks on the left-side of the board. You can add buildings with the right-side blocks. Buildings can only be placed over grass (green) or asphalt (dark-gray).

Camera: you can rotate the camera using right-click and drag.

Light: you can switch the day-night cycle by clicking on the lamp button (red). Alternatively, you can click on the sun to turn it off.

Clouds:  sometimes clouds become bothering, you can hover the mouse over them to disperse them for a while.


14/09/2019: Had some time today, added clouds, mini-people, and other small stuff.
01/09/2019: dev started, first version working.


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Really interesting!! Scream-strategy?? Smells good


Super thanks! 

I am a big fan of godless  god-games. Maybe see ant people develop a civilization, and throw the stuff to affect them. "here, have some candy" and see them develop out of that. 


🌃! Fun little toy. The lighting looks cool. 🌇! 

Thanks! I want to work on it to have the feeling of flying over cities at night