(Game for the minijam25 - spirits + no text)

Story: The spirit of an angry outlaw is brought back thanks to the accidental spill of whiskey on his burial ground. Now, he needs to move forward (mostly right) shooting other ghosts and drinking some more.

Controls: Arrows for movement (QWERTY supported, alternatively), Mouse for shooting (aim with cursor, left/right click for shooting)

Credits: Audio was created using creative commons samples/song. Sound effects from freesound.org. Music by Dyman (Red Cowboy)

Inspiration: mostly the album cover of Ghost and vodka., it would have been great if it was richer and in the line of KC Green's Back.


- 09/04/2019: Day two patch to fix the control feel, and to add more visual info (thanks @papercookies for the feedback!) (final version)
- 08/04/2019: Day one patch to fix the art
- 07/04/2019: First submitted version
- 06/04/2019: Development started


WebGL-submitted.zip 11 MB
WebGL-dayOnePatch.zip 11 MB
WebGL-juice.zip 11 MB


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hermoso! quiero un nivel de ir saltando sobre toros

Ahi le rehice el arte (recomiendo testear), aun mas Sunset Riders... le falta un fantasma gordo y unos barriles en la ciudad, pero unos toros fantasma suenan bien!