Built in around 2 days for the Minijam 57 - Underground, under the limitation of "one room".

Who are you? 
You are a mummy, bored of spending all eternity sleeping, so you decided to leave your room. The problem,  your room is quite big and full of miss-directions, given that you were a rich,  grumpy and paranoid person when alive.

What is your objective?
1. Get out for a walk, we already discussed this part. 
2. Also, collect your gems before going out, in case you need to buy something expensive on your way of releasing some new old plagues and curses.

How do you control a mummy body?
Movement: [LEFT/RIGHT]  or [W / S] keys
Jump:  [Space] or [Z] ,
Pull boxes: hold [Ctrl] or [X], then use the arrow keys to control it. 

IMPORTANT: if somehow you reach an invalid position, press [ R ] to return to the last checkpoint.


Art, Design: @Fmlad

Code, Design: @solroo

Music: Zombie & Mummy Theme by Dragan Espenschied

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