This is a submission for the minijam-28 - "Pirates" yet "no water". 

Theme: you are a space pirate, you travel in space and you fight with other pirates. 

Gameplay: This is an overly complicated version of "rock, paper, scissors" in card game. Each card can attack, move, heal you or have special effects. After you chose a card, the actions of both players are solved simultaneously.  You can win the fight by destroying the enemy ship or by boarding it. Going past it will end up in a draw. The winning player gets a card from the other deck, meaning that if you lose your deck becomes thinner (but you still move forward).

Controls and Options: Mouse. Left click on the cards to play them, click on the button to confirm your decision. 

EDIT: I added a patch to fix the readability issues, now every visible card can be hovered to get a text description of its effects. Also, the enemy preview of the attack works correctly. Added some additional readability of the turn progression. Finally, the actions are executed visually in order, and there are sound effects!

Sound samples from: 
Sprites taken from:

20/05/2019, 5:00pm: Final first version with sound.
20/05/2019, 4:30pm: Pushed bug fixes.
20/05/2019, 2:20-3:40pm: Improved readability patches.
20/05/2019, 1:00am: First version submitted.
18/05/2019, 11:30am: Started developing

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorsJoan Sol ROO, clerg0, Saltadrow
GenreCard Game
Made withUnity


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super glad to read that! we did one afternoon of paper prototyping before the implementation, so it originally was a physical card game.
If we do a cleaning pass, we could give the cards as  "print to play"


Awesome game!