This game is a rough work in progress, where you move forward in a story by making decisions.

The core idea was to build a game from the ground up, and try to support different ways of experience it for accessibility reasons, but it is incomplete at the moment.


- 15/02/19, 3pm: we added the WebGL version. It is uglier than the desktop version but at least can be played online.

Known bugs:

- Lights look bad in WebGL
- Controls might not be visible if not in full-screen

StatusIn development
Rated 4.5 out of 5 stars
(2 total ratings)
AuthorJoan Sol ROO
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withUnity
Tagstvgamejam, unity3d


Download 89 MB


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Hey! I wanted to play the desktop version of this, but both files seem to launch up the webgl. Is there a way to switch it over?

Hey, it seems that at some point we removed the win version, you should be able to download it now

Cool! I'll give it a shot, thanks!

Very interesting concept you had! If I had made it in time for the voting, you would have had a good vote from me!

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This is really cool! (wegl version could use a restart button)