FTL meets BANISHED meets XKCD!
In this game, you will be the main craftsman and CEO of an artisanal antique factory. 

As this is a waiting game, you can speed up the time (as much as you want), but beware! you will miss the most important things in life if you do not pay attention (including FedEx deliveries, which only happen in the morning).

The final goal of the game would be to pass your empire to your heirs, or at least having as many squirrels as you can.

CONTROLS: Mouse, plus the space bar for pausing the game. 

You can drag and drop elements, and click on the dialog boxes, BUT only while you are in the room AND awake (obviously, duh).

PLAYTIME: probably between 1 and 10 minutes, unless you want to play it slowly. Also,  there is a slim chance you will get several turtles and you can play to stack them.

ALLERGY INFORMATION: Squirrels were added to remove any trace of nuts.

(did not manage to do them, read them just as one of those XKCD devlog comics)
Since updates are allowed, I will continue working during the week.

* Add detailed charts showing the progression of the important aspects (~time spent with your family~, beard length over time, amount of squirrels alive, etc), perhaps next weekend.
* The family should grow, time spent with your couple leads to kids, that then require you to play with them, etc.
* There should be waaay more antique options, and they should evolve over time (maybe you start with old objects, and end up getting computers, or satellites)
* An autosave would be nice, allowing the addition of a hardcore mode (i.e., no fast forward).
* Allow the use of terminal commands, and perhaps some BASH scripting.
* Have a legacy mode, where your kids can continue your work. Right now you should be happy if they don't leave you for taking your job too seriously.
* I would really like to redraw the sprites.


25/11/17 - 20:30 : Added a piechart showing the time distribution. Added some small talk events. Refactored the UI layout because it was causing resizing problems.

22/11/17 - 22:35 : Added some objects, another dialog line, and fixed some small bugs.
22/11/17 - 19:01 : Added an auto-pause button to make the game easier to understand (active by default). Also, some new objects.
20/11/17 - 18:05 : Added WebGL version (seem to work in Firefox/Chrome at least).
19/11/17 - 23:28 : your family will leave you if you don't pay attention to them. The idea was also to include some small interactions with them, but ran out of time.
19/11/17 - 23:13 : you can chose to go to bed or to stay at night taking care of your work (by default, you will forget to go to bed).
19/11/17 - 22:35  : You die at some point in your life, as the squirrels, but most likely the turtle will outlive you.
19/11/17 - 21:37 : an ugly placeholder for selling.
19/11/17 - 21:04 : added day/night cycles, FedEx is bringing new random stuff, almost ready to add the selling part and the dialogs with the family 
19/11/17 - 18:06 : added linux version of the basic project
19/11/17 - 17:33 : cleaned the alphas, so at least it is not that disgusting.
19/11/17 - 17:20 : first working version online (took a day!)
19/11/17 - 03:00 : the engine is working properly
18/11/17 - 13:30 : started working  


AntiqueFactory0.4_Win_86.zip 30 MB
Source_xkcdjam17-1533.zip 22 MB
AntiqueFactory0.4_linux_x86.zip 35 MB
AntiqueFactory0.41_WebGL.zip 27 MB
AntiqueFactory0.5_webgl.zip 27 MB
AntiqueFactory0.51_webgl.zip 27 MB

Install instructions

Currently you can test it online (WebGL), or Windows/Linux version (32 bits). You also have the source code for Unity 5.6 (no garanties).

I would like to say this is tested with many resolutions, but stick to 1024x768 if you want it to work properly.

Development log


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Deleted 4 years ago

I am checking for cross compilation now. I will upload an early version (i need to continue with the development, it is quite behind what i expected)