Tetris Kingdom : A great first week


Just a quick word to say I am thrilled that this small weekend-game was enjoyed by so many people! 

I am amazed by the reception: Tetris Kingdom ended second at the Minijam 71 (!), and as I write this there are over 2.5k plays (!!). Even Alpha Beta Gamer wrote about it (!!!).

During the week I did some additional work on the game, besides the needed addition of sound (which I had no time to add on the 48hrs I worked for the jam), I focused on adding some clarity and balance to the game (more details in the game page, and I will add a changelog in the game itself). 

As people seem to like it, I will continue the development in the context of the Finally Finish Something 2021 jam. There is the need for a name change for legal reasons: the new title, for now,  will be PUZZLE REIGN.

I have not done this for other projects, but I will try to maintain a work log to keep you updated. If you have questions, or (even better) suggestions of what you think would improve the game, please let me know!




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Jan 14, 2021


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Hello, can I have a copy of the game with an autograph plz? <3 <3 (great job!)