Puzzle + city builder. Play terrain over the sea, and buildings and crops over the grass. As you expand, the pieces fall faster. Good luck.

Story: Extract the natural resources around you, trying to satiate the ever-growing demand of your kingdom.

* Hearts: HP: Each piece you don't build, cost you one life,
* Money: the fanciest buildings cost gold, 
* Points: how well you do. Every a certain amount of points your city will level up (larger map, faster gameplay)

Controls: Mouse. Left Click to pick and drop pieces, Right-click/wheel/arrows to rotate the pieces. When no piece is being held, right-click quick-grabs the oldest piece.

Art by Camilo and Kenney

Alexander Nakarada (CC BY 4.0
* *Adventure
** God Rest Ye Merry Celtishmen

* Randommynd  (CC0)
** The Old Tower Inn
** King's Feast

Moved in-game as it was getting too verbose. Click on the version number to get the devlog.

StatusIn development
Rated 4.3 out of 5 stars
(42 total ratings)
AuthorsJoan Sol ROO, Camonio
Tags2D, City Builder, Fast-Paced, ffs2021, Medieval, minijam, Tetris, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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i can only get near 50 before i run out of room

Could we get a windows download? Love the game!!

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Is there a reason why only arcade mode is unlocked? Plus this is good game; well done.

really fun


Love the new art style. Definitely made the game a lot harder too! Phew! Can't get anywhere near my old scores.

Hey! Huge thanks for the support !!
Glad you enjoyed it. It got prettier but the balance needs work, especially as now you cannot spend your gold in upgrades.
I have been mega busy lately, I hope I can get back to it.
If you have the time, could you give your take on the difficulty progression? Do the new piece variety is positive or negative?

Again, thanks x1000

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I think having mirrored pieces is great, allows for many more combinations. If anything, I do think that the ax and sickle blocks need more variety rather than just being an L for sickle and line for ax.
It does get very hard very fast haha


Love the art style! Hope you win!

It has been awhile since there was an update. I hope everything is okay!


Hey! thanks for checking out.
We have been extremely busy with work.

That said, there is a proper v2 in the pipeline (but in pause for over a month now). I hope we will be freer after September. 

uh-oh the leaderboard seems to have crashed

Oh damn, I will try to take a look tomorrow.
Sorry for the lack of support in the past month.

No worries! Sometimes there's life priorities you need to sort out and it's a game I'm enjoying still!

Hello! I hope life is treating you well.
Just to let you know a new version is up!
We re-took the development 2 weeks ago, I would love your opinion.


Like someone commented 23 days ago, the tutorial is still broken. Welp, imma go figure the game out myself

Hey it's been a while since an update so I hope you're all safe and it's just a loss of interest thing. Came back and I'm trying to break 60k


Hey! thank you for writting to check on me :)
I'm doing fine, I have been in the middle of a job change in the past weeks so I did not have the time to work on the project.
I check the scores once in a while, you are rocking it, I would love to have the time to do the replay system so people could see your plays.


Haha that would be really fun I'd probably flood the system when I come back I usually play many times in a row


Actually caught the over 60k because of your comment lol
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I would suggest you make reverse options for some of the pieces. Some of them have rotational symmetry but can't be flipped, so there should either be an option to flip them or there should be the reverse pieces added


The tutorial seems broken? The part with "...an pick bonuses..." is off to the side and cut off so I can't read it, and I can't place the piece in the indicated spot.

Wow that was really cool

What a fantastic puzzle game!

The new art is a whole different direction, it looks very good! Will say there is a visual bug when you get to the most zoomed out part, the terrain shapes outline that appears while lining it up to already placed terrain is off by several pixels. It is enough to make it difficult to actually see where you are putting your piece and cause incorrect placement.

I love the new tree with building pieces, and the irregularity of the tree pieces makes it a challenge to try to line up, and keeps it looking very nice and organic, nice! 

The other gameplay changes make the game both easier and harder in a way. Its a bit harder to get enormous piles of gold until late game, but the new tree pieces give you a lot more life to stack up. Its a neat change!


Also the change in beginning shape has completely broken the tutorial just fyi haha


Not sure if this was on purpose but the newest update has it so that when you click on a card the piece stays with you after it should be destroyed instead of yanking the piece away, at least for me.


Also the tutorial still says you cannot rotate buildings even though you can now.


I added that tutorial but did not give enough love yet...


Yes, now pieces dont move while on the hand, as people complained of the yanking.

(1 edit)

I apologize if that came off as me being part of that! I've been told I can sound critical when I'm going into detail and it's something I'm working on and its harder in text that doesnt convey tone. I didn't have too much of a problem with yanking! I do prefer the method of being fast enough to hold a piece to stay in just a bit longer, though because its a slight skill based thing. My issue with the yanking was more the previous system made it very difficult to know what the next card was as at that point both the card being yanked and the next card were usually under the deletion line so if you werent paying attention to the pattern it can lead to losing a few cards till you get back in rhythm. It was a bigger issue when the cards couldnt be picked up with just a click instead of clicking and holding because that method took too much time and you would lose the piece you tried to save yourself with before you could place it, so it was really hard to save yourself

No worries, it was a valid argument and friends that tested also pointed it out :)
I still dont love the return, but it is less punishing for nothing (holding a piece is already punishing enough)

ok bug i mentioned in the dev log, putting it here for more attention, the one where the card icon instead of displaying with the mouse for placement it shoots to the next card falling making it not placable, its STILL in the game and with the fact that the cards stay persistently in your hand, getting this bug makes the hotkey 1 unusable for the rest of the game in addition to the game not being playable and because its still "in hand" it makes picking up other cards REALLY weird where it generates a blank card on pick up so you lose hearts despite placing cards. It is now game breaking if this bug occurs

ajdhkaksfjks????? what is going on the game is too big for the window, like the whole game box that displays the game widget

I think that might be an itch.io thing, still odd. Looks fine in full screen though. But now I need to get my grubby hands on the update and im already ooo'ing and aaa'ing over the art and the new card pick up stuff.

I am SO CHARMED by the new combo village and wheat piece. Its so fun and i love the odd shape and the windmill but it's got a whole bunch more placement options like art to shape it went from my least fave piece to like my most, it looks SUPER good.

Also the map in contrast to last update is MASSIVE. The card play area is already enormous but the deletion line is still pretty far bellow the actual line so i think you could get some insane highscores on this update. Though! With some of the nerfs to the wheat shapes where there doesnt seem to be as many (at all? maybe, Im not super sure after just one game) of the large squares so point racking for the wheat is slower and I think that works well in conjunction to the farm coin upgrade where it was really OP before to it being a lot more reasonable.

Also I LOVE the card pick up system where it kind of remembers where the card would be falling if you drop the piece so you cant just keep a card indefinitely like on some previous versions, though it does seem like if you keep dropping it and picking it up as it should be deleting the card stays the 1 hotkey even though other cards are passing it technically. It's a bit of a change! I like it a lot though

(1 edit)

Oh ! in addition to the devlog maybe needing a check (incorrect dates, two identical version numbers despite them being clearly different updates, unlike the hotfix updates youve done) the rankings may need a reset (edit: clarifying the like version highscore list not the alltime) because I feel like the highscores get SUPER affected with this most recent update

Thanks for all these corrections.
* The scores are still separated per patch (the last one was grouped only because there were not that many weekly plays at this moment). It is normal there will be an inflation in points until things get stable, I will add a way of navigating previous patches.
* the new way of dealing with the drop piece needs to be fixed, I will look at the hotkey at the same time.
* all blocky pieces were turned into more tetris-like, as the puzzle was not that interesting with them. Maybe i'll remove the piece stacking to make it more interesting. I dont know what you think.
* i will check that breaking bug you mention, plus the resolution in the next patch (probably this weekend)

Excited about the new art updates! So far its a lot easier to tell what squares are occupied than the other art! Rotation is also exciting and I'm looking forward to seeing how that changes how I lay out everything. Currently it looks like something happened with the playmap where its larger than previous? The header with the level stats and the box for the card deletion cover the map pretty significantly by level 8 almost the whole top two rows are completely covered by the header and around 6 squares in the bottom left are covered. Theres some other smaller bugs on the last dev log btw if you havent seen those yet! Theyre just little bugs that came up with the sheer amount of times ive replayed it, and arent entirely easy to replicate but have happened more than once


Hey! Thanks as always for the feedback. Sorry about the map size, I am looking for a way to make it adaptative to work also in mobile but so far it only got worse. 

I saw you other post, I will get back to bug fixing once we get a solid art identity.

Yeah its tricky to design something for two different platforms at once so I think it's more than understandable. And take time on the bug post! None of them are really game breaking, but just stuff I caught over time

After play it a bit the new update has changed the gameplay just a bit. So the rotations have been great in terms of castles and I'm looking forward to maybe trees getting to rotate (not a big deal though because only one tree piece has any change with rotation). However the building for the villages hasnt really changed at all because of how the coin piece plays, the one that is both farm and village. Because the village part cuts the piece in half, and cannot be placed adjacent to village pieces unless done so vertically with nothing on either side of the piece its placed above or below, the playstyle of this piece has completely unchanged in that the best configuration is placing them in a line straight down with nothing adjacent so as not to cut off farm land pieces from eachother. There also in addition to the map coverage there seems to be less area for cards to remain active, so the window of playing the cards is smaller than the previous version.


Ever since I found this game it has been my go to as a time waster while I talk with friends. I love it! Its fantastic watching it evolve and get better and better over time!

Hey! So glad you like it, as you are one of the regular players, do you have any deep insights about the game? Things you would add or remove? Things you look forward to? Things you dislike?

Ah the big thing that comes to mind for me is mostly just that there are no mirror version of asymmetrical pieces, but that's just me being used to tetris haha

yeah!! the small s pieces get me all the time because i get s spaces left over and then realize i had it set up in the wrong direction and i just have to fill it in with singles and shame


I don't think I could say enough it's still really cool to come back to this and see it change over time. I love the new piece variety and I like the upgrades as both the random aspect as well as the counter to the max grass playstyle. After playing a bit, the randomness of the upgrades does need a bit of a counter because at current its entirely possible to upgrade to the next level too fast and not be able to afford any upgrades at all because only one or two coins were on the map, especially at the start and having bad upgrades overall can change a run drastically where I finish with potentially thousands of points in the difference between a run where I could afford nothing but hearts or coins themselves to one where I very early got a farm upgrade and coasted off that the whole run. I love the introduction of the randomness because it makes the runs feel very different but it seems too heavily reliant on rng at current. It also would be neat to have a ui element that tracks purchased upgrades so I know what I've bought over time, and the prompts are so fast its sometimes unclear how much of an upgrade I really got, if it was just an addition of points from what was already on the map, or if all the tiles of that in the future of have a point increase. Potentially an upgraded ui element for that where the visual of placing them might be different?

Everything aside, it's super exciting to see new things I hadn't even considered yet get added in and get to try them out.

oh additionally I'm not sure what changed but being able to afford upgrades really is only an issue in the very early game because it's not uncommon to have hundreds of excess gold by the end of a run with no hope of ever spending it all.

Oooo big update. First thing, your new picking up method broke your new tutorial. The cards no longer stay in your hand to then place with a click you have to hold it down which causes delays in rotating. I love all the new pieces but the system to pick up pieces is very jarring and I was frequently dropping pieces when I meant to place them and in the delay to drag a piece over and try and rotate it the piece would be gone. The hotkeys are the only way to persistantly keep a piece in hand but if you click an invalid place it snaps out of your hand it makes keeping track of whats on my number 1 key incredibly difficult. It seems too like since the area is a lot smaller for the cards that it gets really fast, well, really fast. I do like the new piece varieties, though, and it's neat to make new patterns to accommodate for all the different pieces. The UI also looks very clean, and the new upgrades are super interesting. Putting the lives in the upgrades is also an interesting change and makes choosing which cards to prioritize very different

Uhhhh the rankings also seem to be broken. It doesnt recognize me as AreYouSavvy and its not putting another score on the board

Which is especially odd with the option to have it only show the highscores for the current version, unless it hasnt been upgraded to match

yeah playing it more the hotkeys and speed would be ok if the click hold card thing was put back and the card didnt snap away when you place it wrong its very frustrating to have the piece and try and place it four times and then the cards whisk away so you don't know what youre holding anymore becaue the card kept dropping because your mouse was a pixel off

This is to say like every big update im like AHHHHHH CHANGE, but then i keep playing it and im like oh it's pretty good actually lol

Just arrived from work, thanks x 1000 for the feedback.
I will do a quick-fix tonight for the most critical of the issues you found.

Ok, I am pushing a hotfix with your comments: Now you should be able to play as before but also do drag&drop, I also fixed the scoreboard and added a small line showing the piece connected to the cursor.
Let me know what you think.
Thanks again!


Buxxy if youre out there like, how. I Filled the map and wasnt even close


Max grass is broken, my friend.

yeah see i was maxing out the space for literally everything but grass, and as soon as i went back to my og strat of taking up as little space as possible my highscore immediately went up lol


Wow, that is seriously impressive. Not sure I can do that.

My strategy is simply to focus on making one type as big as possible. :)


Hey! Hope your days have been good between the updates. Found a visual bug where if I am rotating the smaller wheat field at the same time I'm hotkey picking up another piece (and I think mid click on the mouse so it wasnt fully dropped into place) it turns the visual on the card for the field to 500% of it's og size and so doesnt even fit on its own card lmao. It's not super easy to replicate but thought you ought to know!


Thank you for pointing the bug out, I will add it to the backlog. I added a fix to it but please let me know if you see it again, as I was not able to reproduce it myself.
BTW, I added you to the game acknowledgements, your feedback really helps!

Hey thanks I'm happy to be here! :)

(1 edit) (+1)

So I love the added clarity of highlighting the grouped areas as you're adding a piece to the puzzle, because I didnt realize the full area of points for some of the pieces (like the towers that are three squares of points even though they only occupy one square) but in the late game its pretty laggy the areas are so large that adding to my landmass after 12000 points gets very very difficult because of screen tears and drops in framerate so I can miss cards altogether. I don't think its anything to do with internet connection, i think we may just be reaching the limitations of what the browser format can optimally process at one time


I do get over 320 mbps download and upload speed so I don't think that has anything to do with it and since I dont think this actually runs off of my computer I dont think my comp stats would have anything to do with it (though I do have 32gb ram for the record so it's not shabby lol) I think its something about having to process that display update as I hover the piece in different areas

Oh you are absolutely right!
I did not test it for higher levels, hot-fixed for now, I will find a better solution later on.


Still here even on the non-update days, lol I can tell you I hope the next update that rolls out includes a pause screen that has the ability to reset your mode in it. But honestly the pause would be great because I work in a call center currently so I play between callers and it hurts my heart to just have to abandon my game and let it run till it just ends

hi! you have a pause/exit button on the top right (or you can also pause with ESC key).

(1 edit)



Something's up for the arcade mode after the update. Unless you meant to make it way harder it seems like there are some cases where it drops two cards when it means to drop one/maybe keybinding isnt resetting the card drop timer because my cards are coming in so fast by only level 8 that its difficult to see which ones I even have

Also with adding the new mode next might be that pause screen because i currently have to refresh the whole page to switch modes

LOVE the puzzle mode system. Very handy. It does take some of the challenge away but it more obviously shows that it gets very difficult in the late 2700s scores for the current map because you run out of room. On arcade I was trying to minimize mistakes to see if I could still get more but currently the way I think the top score was made was being very good at not making mistakes and not losing any health until that point and building their pieces optimally better than I currently am, but the map does get really cramped at that point lol

The puzzle mode is also missing a more complete "end" because currently you just cant place anymore pieces and you just refresh lol

Ending: for now it was just a sandbox test, I will use this to build a given challenge, and have a build-path with per-level-up decisions (e.g. buy piece/lose something/expand map).
Refresh: You have a little cross on the top-right corner to go back to the main menu.

Thank you as always for being so reactive :D, if you have anything you consider would improve the game, I am eager to read about it.


It's just honestly really cool to be able to see these updates come out and what new stuff has been added and it feels like in a small bit I'm part of it lol. I'm very excited to see puzzle mode grow and new challenges being added in. I keep thinking about that campaign mode and I almost don't want to suggest things for it because I kind of want to be surprised when it comes out.

Done in this hotfix. Again, thanks!

Good catch! I added a hotfix. Last night's patch was a bit rushed, I will start spacing the patches a bit more.

Love the concept! maybe the pieces falls a little bit too fast for some peoples, maybe a good idea in order to buff the accessibility would be an easy mode and/or an infinite lives mode

Anyway, great work!


Really enjoyed the game!  Took me a couple rounds to figure out the tree->straw->house->castle progression, but as soon as I did, I was cruising


Hey here for the new update again lol excited about the new leaderboard, it looks like it doesn't update if you make a highscore right away you have to close it and reopen it at the end to see it reflect the changes. I also think I almost prefer the clicking method when it starts getting fast because its hard to keep up with which card is attached to which keybind because they all shift when a card reaches the bottom. Still! it's pretty handy in the early game and definitely speeds that part up if you want it to since using the last card makes another immediately appear

also see you reshuffled the early cards a bit lol :P

Hey! I see you are first, congratz!
What do you think of the new difficulty curve? 
Is there anything you would like to have ?

I really like it so far I think I at base really enjoy the concept of like collecting each piece together, and something that could work for like scaling difficulties or maybe in the story mode is having more types. It's been this most recent update that its more effectual to focus on spreading out more than just the land, before I was racking in points mostly from having a ring of free land around everything and going for the single and s pieces to get as many points as possible, but recently the other pieces like the forest and the wheat are more useful because each piece gives points with the exception of the heart trees, so I usually have my houses and castles grouped together very tightly and have wheat land and trees everywhere else, especially given how rare some of the better castle pieces feel. A point curve between them would probably be good, like land being worth less and castles being worth more. I also think the keybind system can take further looking into because using keys is definitely easier but it makes it hard when I dont know what piece im going to pick up where knowing whats next is where i can plan ahead, because unlike tetris the pieces you have are even more important because land can only be places on water and the others only placed on land and then you want to group them by type so its really important to know what piece youre placing because it drastically changes where they go.

oh, lol an s piece in the other direction too as like a very minor thing lmao

OH, even more pressing a pause screen lol


yoooo i love this game


relaxing and intense at the same time


i wonder if some sort of "creative" mode would work, where you can build a kingdom to your heart's content?

Hey, glad you liked it! 

We are seeing which game mods we will work on, and a sandbox one would be East to add, maybe with some classical city builder gameplay.


hi made it to level 9 really fun game! really polished and fun concept. I echo other high scorers in potentially adding hotkeys though, since my right hand kind of hurts after playing it hahaha

Hi there! leaderboards and hotkeys are online!


LOVE the feel of the new large houses block, it feels really good to place after getting those house and farm combo pieces so I can connect all my houses together

(1 edit) (+1)

Also the resizing to fix that bit that was covering the corner was a good fix and looks good!


Great concept, keep it up!
I was able to reach level 12, then the block fell quicker than I could click.


glad you liked it! level 12 is crazy good! What was your score?


I forgot, but I played it again and reached level 12 with a score of 12518.

Would be cool if there was a way to select the blocks by keys (maybe Q and E to cycle through them or something). Then you don't have to move the mouse as much. Or maybe a Tetris like system where you always select the first and can hold one block.

With small adjustments for mobile devices, I can imagine this being a really cool mobile game as well. Again, great work :-)

(1 edit) (+1)

Another serious scorer also recommended hotkeys. I have it in the todo list for some quick testing.
Thanks again for playing, i will probably do a few weeks of experiments and see how well it goes... for now working on an online leaderboard to see the global scores.


very hype for a leaderboard, honestly lol my competitive spirit soars

Hi! leaderboards and hotkeys are online!


you know an idea that would be a bit different for a game like this would be to have the cards fall down to your hand of like four cards each bound to a key (wasd) that lets you select from the different hand slots and then if you dont use a card before the next one is dropped you lose a heart, that way its getting keybinds in instead of clicking and picking up pieces and you get to keep the feel of the challenge being in trying to beat the falling speed of the cards? Spitballing because I've actually been playing this since I commented and was thinking on good solutions for a while cause a tetris keep one use one style would completely take the challenge away unless you were to rework the heart and card speed system into something else altogether

(1 edit) (+1)

so fun


Great game!
I love it!


Awesome! I never would have thought about a Tetris / Builder game! Good concept. The story mode would come out really good if you end up finishing it


Love the new tree assets! I forgot before but it looks like in the higher levels (around level 10 I think, it gets pretty fast at that point so it's hard to say) the container for the destruction line covers the bottom left portion of the map, not a lot at level ten but by level 13 or so its a good five or six squares. I've just been doing guesswork in that area but maybe resizing something could make it so it's not obscured?


Great concept and superb execution!


I got an account so I could comment lol I really really love this, it reminds me of an old retro game I used to have in an arcade bundle for the gamecube. It's very addicting and I enjoy it a lot. I've noticed the panels that descend aren't random and I've played it enough I know probably the first twenty cards by heart lol Is there any current plan to make the cards have a randomness?


This is to say as well I loved it enough I've replayed it a good many time, not sure if my score is terribly high to reflect it though. I'm not sure I could overstate how much I love this little game you've got here and I can see myself coming back again and again

Woah, you make me so happy! This was just a proof of concept that ended better than expected, so I will probably spend some proper time extending it. 

The randomness (probably like in tetris, with a randomizer bag) would be a good add, I just need to tweak it well as a small change can have a big impact in score and level progression. 

Thanks again for playing!


I'm really looking forward to where you take it then! If it's one day a game you decide to take to a sales floor I would absolutely buy it.


Regardless I'm probably going to keep this page in my favorites for a while and I've shown some of my friends the game too and hope they like it as much as I do lol

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