Puzzle Reign 0.2.01


Just to say that the new version (0.2.01) is out!

The changelog is quite long ( You can read the details in-game), the most important part is that it looks cuter and it should be easier to understand what is going on.

Future Schedule

Now that we are back to it, we will try to do one release a week, more reasonable with our available time, and will be less prone to bugs as it was in February.

The next step is to improve the progression: originally the difficulty curve was punishingly hard, but some of you still manage to do crazy amounts of points. Now it should be easier but less exploitable.

Once that is covered, we will try to add alternative modes: a "history mode" with thematic construction (seasons and empire), and a sandbox mode where you can simply build what you want with the available pieces/resources. Let's see how it goes!

Cheers !



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Oct 24, 2021


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Great job!
Gonna try the build asap.