Puzzle + city builder. Play terrain over the sea, and buildings and crops over the grass. As you expand, the pieces fall faster. Good luck.

Story: Extract the natural resources around you, trying to satiate the ever-growing demand of your kingdom.

* Hearts: HP: Each piece you don't build, cost you one life,
* Money: the fanciest buildings cost gold, 
* Points: how well you do. Every a certain amount of points your city will level up (larger map, faster gameplay)

Controls: Mouse. Left Click to pick and drop pieces, Right-click/wheel/arrows to rotate the pieces.

Art by Camilo and Kenney

Alexander Nakarada (CC BY 4.0
* *Adventure
** God Rest Ye Merry Celtishmen

* Randommynd  (CC0)
** The Old Tower Inn
** King's Feast

(probably moving it to in-game only, as it is getting quite long)

20/01/2021: day 10 patch: (WiP)
> Improve:
* Added a (WIP) cover,
* Working on a better score display,
* now the default ID is randomly generated, and more clearly editable (ANONYMOUS reached first place, so I won't delete it),
* Pause added (button on the top right, or ESC key).
> Clarity:
** Area feedback before adding a piece, tutorial with some luck tomorrow.
** Corrected a performance sink with large regions (oups),
** Now pieces correctly show rotation and scale when picked mid-animation.

18/01/2021: day 8 patch (plus hotfix):
> Improve:
* puzzle version (no time constraint, will be the base for the tutorial plus campaign)
* mini: added the exit option in Arcade mode
> Clarity:
* added level progress bar
> Fix:
* Best scores of under 11k are stored locally again (sorry)
* HOTFIX: Fixed an unintended speedup in Arcade (sorry)

17/01/2021: day 7 patch:
> Improve:
* Leaderboard
* Hotkeys for pieces

16/01/2021: day 6 half patch (multiple half tasks for tomorrow's patch)
> Improve: 
* Support for animated tiles
* Less annoying `you lose` popup

15/01/2021: day 5 patch:
> Clarity: 
* Better visual tiling of houses and castles (higher contrast, no clipping, plus shadows).

14/01/2021: day 4 patch:
> Clarity: better tiling of trees and wheat.
> Balance:
* Removed exploit where you could place a piece and not change the map,
* the castle can now be partially placed over itself in all cases

13/01/2021: day 3 patch:
> Polish: added some music (Creative Commons),
> Balance:
* S pieces (apparently hated) now are less frequent and give points,
* simple houses also give points,
> Clarity: fixed some alignment issues. Overall the map looks prettier.

12/01/2021: day 2 patch:
> UI: added a load screen, main menu, and lose screen popup.

11/01/2021: Day 1 patch:
> Polish: sound  FXs,
> Balancing: better pieces fall slower, better level progression,
> Clarity: buildings show contour instead of required terrain

10/01/2021: minijam submission

Updated 20 hours ago
Published 12 days ago
StatusIn development
AuthorJoan Sol ROO
Tags2D, City Builder, ffs2021, minijam, Tetris, Unity
Average sessionA few minutes
InputsKeyboard, Mouse

Development log


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Hey! Hope your days have been good between the updates. Found a visual bug where if I am rotating the smaller wheat field at the same time I'm hotkey picking up another piece (and I think mid click on the mouse so it wasnt fully dropped into place) it turns the visual on the card for the field to 500% of it's og size and so doesnt even fit on its own card lmao. It's not super easy to replicate but thought you ought to know!

(1 edit)

So I love the added clarity of highlighting the grouped areas as you're adding a piece to the puzzle, because I didnt realize the full area of points for some of the pieces (like the towers that are three squares of points even though they only occupy one square) but in the late game its pretty laggy the areas are so large that adding to my landmass after 12000 points gets very very difficult because of screen tears and drops in framerate so I can miss cards altogether. I don't think its anything to do with internet connection, i think we may just be reaching the limitations of what the browser format can optimally process at one time

I do get over 320 mbps download and upload speed so I don't think that has anything to do with it and since I dont think this actually runs off of my computer I dont think my comp stats would have anything to do with it (though I do have 32gb ram for the record so it's not shabby lol) I think its something about having to process that display update as I hover the piece in different areas

Oh you are absolutely right!
I did not test it for higher levels, hot-fixed for now, I will find a better solution later on.


Still here even on the non-update days, lol I can tell you I hope the next update that rolls out includes a pause screen that has the ability to reset your mode in it. But honestly the pause would be great because I work in a call center currently so I play between callers and it hurts my heart to just have to abandon my game and let it run till it just ends

hi! you have a pause/exit button on the top right (or you can also pause with ESC key).

(1 edit)



Something's up for the arcade mode after the update. Unless you meant to make it way harder it seems like there are some cases where it drops two cards when it means to drop one/maybe keybinding isnt resetting the card drop timer because my cards are coming in so fast by only level 8 that its difficult to see which ones I even have

Also with adding the new mode next might be that pause screen because i currently have to refresh the whole page to switch modes

LOVE the puzzle mode system. Very handy. It does take some of the challenge away but it more obviously shows that it gets very difficult in the late 2700s scores for the current map because you run out of room. On arcade I was trying to minimize mistakes to see if I could still get more but currently the way I think the top score was made was being very good at not making mistakes and not losing any health until that point and building their pieces optimally better than I currently am, but the map does get really cramped at that point lol

The puzzle mode is also missing a more complete "end" because currently you just cant place anymore pieces and you just refresh lol

Ending: for now it was just a sandbox test, I will use this to build a given challenge, and have a build-path with per-level-up decisions (e.g. buy piece/lose something/expand map).
Refresh: You have a little cross on the top-right corner to go back to the main menu.

Thank you as always for being so reactive :D, if you have anything you consider would improve the game, I am eager to read about it.


It's just honestly really cool to be able to see these updates come out and what new stuff has been added and it feels like in a small bit I'm part of it lol. I'm very excited to see puzzle mode grow and new challenges being added in. I keep thinking about that campaign mode and I almost don't want to suggest things for it because I kind of want to be surprised when it comes out.

Done in this hotfix. Again, thanks!

Good catch! I added a hotfix. Last night's patch was a bit rushed, I will start spacing the patches a bit more.

Love the concept! maybe the pieces falls a little bit too fast for some peoples, maybe a good idea in order to buff the accessibility would be an easy mode and/or an infinite lives mode

Anyway, great work!


Really enjoyed the game!  Took me a couple rounds to figure out the tree->straw->house->castle progression, but as soon as I did, I was cruising


Hey here for the new update again lol excited about the new leaderboard, it looks like it doesn't update if you make a highscore right away you have to close it and reopen it at the end to see it reflect the changes. I also think I almost prefer the clicking method when it starts getting fast because its hard to keep up with which card is attached to which keybind because they all shift when a card reaches the bottom. Still! it's pretty handy in the early game and definitely speeds that part up if you want it to since using the last card makes another immediately appear

also see you reshuffled the early cards a bit lol :P

Hey! I see you are first, congratz!
What do you think of the new difficulty curve? 
Is there anything you would like to have ?

I really like it so far I think I at base really enjoy the concept of like collecting each piece together, and something that could work for like scaling difficulties or maybe in the story mode is having more types. It's been this most recent update that its more effectual to focus on spreading out more than just the land, before I was racking in points mostly from having a ring of free land around everything and going for the single and s pieces to get as many points as possible, but recently the other pieces like the forest and the wheat are more useful because each piece gives points with the exception of the heart trees, so I usually have my houses and castles grouped together very tightly and have wheat land and trees everywhere else, especially given how rare some of the better castle pieces feel. A point curve between them would probably be good, like land being worth less and castles being worth more. I also think the keybind system can take further looking into because using keys is definitely easier but it makes it hard when I dont know what piece im going to pick up where knowing whats next is where i can plan ahead, because unlike tetris the pieces you have are even more important because land can only be places on water and the others only placed on land and then you want to group them by type so its really important to know what piece youre placing because it drastically changes where they go.

oh, lol an s piece in the other direction too as like a very minor thing lmao

OH, even more pressing a pause screen lol


yoooo i love this game


relaxing and intense at the same time


i wonder if some sort of "creative" mode would work, where you can build a kingdom to your heart's content?

Hey, glad you liked it! 

We are seeing which game mods we will work on, and a sandbox one would be East to add, maybe with some classical city builder gameplay.


hi made it to level 9 really fun game! really polished and fun concept. I echo other high scorers in potentially adding hotkeys though, since my right hand kind of hurts after playing it hahaha

Hi there! leaderboards and hotkeys are online!


LOVE the feel of the new large houses block, it feels really good to place after getting those house and farm combo pieces so I can connect all my houses together

(1 edit) (+1)

Also the resizing to fix that bit that was covering the corner was a good fix and looks good!


Great concept, keep it up!
I was able to reach level 12, then the block fell quicker than I could click.


glad you liked it! level 12 is crazy good! What was your score?


I forgot, but I played it again and reached level 12 with a score of 12518.

Would be cool if there was a way to select the blocks by keys (maybe Q and E to cycle through them or something). Then you don't have to move the mouse as much. Or maybe a Tetris like system where you always select the first and can hold one block.

With small adjustments for mobile devices, I can imagine this being a really cool mobile game as well. Again, great work :-)

(1 edit) (+1)

Another serious scorer also recommended hotkeys. I have it in the todo list for some quick testing.
Thanks again for playing, i will probably do a few weeks of experiments and see how well it goes... for now working on an online leaderboard to see the global scores.


very hype for a leaderboard, honestly lol my competitive spirit soars

Hi! leaderboards and hotkeys are online!


you know an idea that would be a bit different for a game like this would be to have the cards fall down to your hand of like four cards each bound to a key (wasd) that lets you select from the different hand slots and then if you dont use a card before the next one is dropped you lose a heart, that way its getting keybinds in instead of clicking and picking up pieces and you get to keep the feel of the challenge being in trying to beat the falling speed of the cards? Spitballing because I've actually been playing this since I commented and was thinking on good solutions for a while cause a tetris keep one use one style would completely take the challenge away unless you were to rework the heart and card speed system into something else altogether

(1 edit) (+1)

so fun


Great game!
I love it!


Awesome! I never would have thought about a Tetris / Builder game! Good concept. The story mode would come out really good if you end up finishing it


Love the new tree assets! I forgot before but it looks like in the higher levels (around level 10 I think, it gets pretty fast at that point so it's hard to say) the container for the destruction line covers the bottom left portion of the map, not a lot at level ten but by level 13 or so its a good five or six squares. I've just been doing guesswork in that area but maybe resizing something could make it so it's not obscured?


Great concept and superb execution!


I got an account so I could comment lol I really really love this, it reminds me of an old retro game I used to have in an arcade bundle for the gamecube. It's very addicting and I enjoy it a lot. I've noticed the panels that descend aren't random and I've played it enough I know probably the first twenty cards by heart lol Is there any current plan to make the cards have a randomness?


This is to say as well I loved it enough I've replayed it a good many time, not sure if my score is terribly high to reflect it though. I'm not sure I could overstate how much I love this little game you've got here and I can see myself coming back again and again

Woah, you make me so happy! This was just a proof of concept that ended better than expected, so I will probably spend some proper time extending it. 

The randomness (probably like in tetris, with a randomizer bag) would be a good add, I just need to tweak it well as a small change can have a big impact in score and level progression. 

Thanks again for playing!


I'm really looking forward to where you take it then! If it's one day a game you decide to take to a sales floor I would absolutely buy it.


Regardless I'm probably going to keep this page in my favorites for a while and I've shown some of my friends the game too and hope they like it as much as I do lol


This is the best game I have ever played because it puts my favorite game in a new style and makes it better.


Thanks a lot!


I like this concept a lot! Would love to see a fleshed out version with controller support because let's face it, Tetris is not at it's best with a mouse.

Yeah, doing a controller version would be a good idea. I just need to find how to handle the juggling of pieces.


This is fun! I like that there's a trade-off between finding neat places for each piece (to make the most of the space) and rushing to collect coins (so you don't lose upcoming pieces due to lack of funds).

One thing I think would improve this would be a slightly clearer end point for the falling pieces. Currently they seem to get destroyed while a portion of them is still visible/clickable on screen, which makes it hard to work out how much longer they'll remain available. I think it would work better to have them be destroyed when/after there's no longer anything to click, or to have them destroyed as soon as they touch a bar at the bottom. Either way, it would eliminate some frantic guesswork (though that might be what exactly you were going for - it's not a terrible system as-is).


It's actually really fun and addictive!! I would love to see more structures and a background song to make it less quiet, but it's really fun !!!




i like it but it's hard.

i receive an error when opening the game, and i dont think it will load

Hi! are you using Chrome?

ah, that may be the problem, i'm using edge

I tried it on edge but it works too. 

Sorry about that.


I fixed the problem, but thanks for trying to help! the game was done very well good job :)